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ATIV Music Desktop

CHROME browser MUST be installed to use ATIV Music Desktop

About ATIV Music Desktop

The ATIV Music Desktop is your ultimate tool for discovering new artists through ATIV, supporting them and earning rewards in return. The ATIV Music Desktop allows you to discover and listen to songs from ATIV-supported artists.
Available for both Windows and MacOS, you can download and install the ATIV Music Desktop from this link.
While ATIV Music Desktop is active, it detects the songs you're listening to on Spotify. If you happen to listen to a song recommended by ATIV, the system will automatically measure the rewards you should receive. This works even if you're listening to Spotify on a device other than the ATIV Music Desktop*.
*Please note that if your mobile device is in offline mode, the ATIV Music Desktop won't be able to detect songs played on Spotify. To synchronize the ATIV Music Desktop with the Spotify app on your mobile device, make sure you are listening to songs in online mode on your mobile device.

How to use ATIV Music Desktop

What can you do on ATIV music Desktop during the ATIV Music Beta period?

  • Register your Spotify account
  • Listen to music on Spotify
  • Earn points by listening to songs from the ATIV Music playlist
  • View the ATIV Music playlist song list
  • View points earned with ATIV Music Desktop