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Revenue sharing

ATIV is a platform that helps underrated artists get discovered and earn more money. It does this by acting as a label in the value chain of content creation and consumption. A label is a company responsible for managing and promoting the careers of artists.
ATIV signs contracts with undervalued artists to share the actual profits from streaming platforms (such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). The beneficiaries of the revenue share are the ATIV teams, the artists and the community, according to pre-agreed proportions.
The community's share of the profits is converted into $USDC by the ATIV team and then distributed to the blockchain network. The accumulated profits (in $USDC) coming into the network will be made available to ATIV token holders through the following methods
  • $ATIV buyback initiatives: The ATIV team will use a portion of the profits to buy back $ATIV tokens from the market.
  • Interest Payments through $ATIV Stakes: $ATIV token holders can stake their tokens, i.e. lock them up for a period of time. In return, they receive interest payments in $USDC.
$ATIV tokens can be earned through points earned by listening to songs on ATIV Music. The more songs you listen to, the more points you earn and the more $ATIV tokens you can claim. In essence, the more actively you use ATIV service to support underrated artists, the more you can earn a share of the revenue generated by their music. So let's listen more!


  • Label: A company responsible for managing and promoting an artist's content and career.
  • Underrated artist: An artist who is not yet well known.
  • Streaming platform: A service that allows users to consume content (e.g. listen to music) online.
  • Revenue: The money made from a piece of content.
  • $USDC: A stablecoin pegged to the US dollar.
  • Stake: To lock up tokens for a period of time in order to earn rewards.
  • Point: A unit of participation in the ATIV platform that can be earned by consuming ATIV’s content as directed.

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