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Beta Pass

Beta Passes are only available during the beta period, and at the time of the main launch, Beta Pass holders (ATIV music beta participants) will receive a pass for the main service.
Total Supply
Minting Price
15,00 Passes
10,000 ATIV Points

How to Obtain a Beta Pass

  • Mint a new Beta Pass from the portal using points earned from the ATIV music desktop.
  • Receive an airdrop if you have a NOIS Passport (snapshot taken on 31 July).
  • Occasional airdrops from the ATIV team
    • Take part in special events

Functions of the Beta Pass

  • A pass required during the ATIV Beta period to utilize portal features.
    • Minting new Beta Passes by spending 10,000 points
    • Point → $ATIV token swap functionality