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We call the process of listening to songs and earning points within the ATIV system 'mining'. You can mine points if you have both ATIV Music Desktop and a Spotify account with a Premier plan. You'll earn points by listening to ATIV's songs on Spotify with ATIV Music Desktop turned on and logged into the same Spotify account. Importantly, you don't have to listen to songs exclusively through ATIV Music Desktop. While the ATIV Music Desktop is active, it will monitor which songs you're listening to on Spotify. Even if you use your smartphone or other devices to listen to Spotify, as long as it's the same account, ATIV Music Desktop will recognise the songs you're playing.


Points are the in-platform currency used within the ATIV portal. These points can be earned by mining in the ATIV Music Desktop and differ from tokens in that they are exclusive to the ATIV internal system. This means that it is not possible to transfer or trade points between users. Points can be exchanged for ATIV Tokens and are also used to mint Beta Passes. It's important to note that points disappear when used and cannot be replenished.

Point emission

The amount of points generated per song may vary and is subject to change by the ATIV team.


  • Spotify account with Premier (or similar plans with benefits below)
    • Ad-free music listening
    • Play anywhere
    • On-demand playback
  • ATIV Music Desktop installed on your PCf or Mac
If you repeat a song over and over again, it will only count as 1 stream.